Floormaster LLC  Installs every type of wood flooring available.  We also install flush mount vents that are built right into your floor. Wood flooring is available in many different shapes sizes species And type of construction. Choosing the style that is best  For you is an important decision and will be based on variety of issues including your lifestyle your decorating style and the construction of your home as well as your sub flooring. Time can also be a determining factor in your choice. Factory finished flooring can be installed in one day whereas site finish flooring will take longer.

 Solid wood flooring will last a lifetime. Solid wood flooring is one solid piece of wood that has tongue in groove sides and comes in either factory finish or unfinished styles. It is male down to a sub for and should be in a Room that is ground level or above. Solid wood flooring can be refinished a number of times which adds to its appeal and to its longevity. There are solid wood floors that are centuries old and are still in good condition today.  Site finished solid wood flooring is extremely versatile. Because of the availability of different species ,different stains, and different finishes it lends itself to customization.  It can be combined with borders, medallions, or custom designs. The classic wood floor strip is  3/4 thick and 2  1/4 wide.  Different with are readily available and combinations of widths  are frequently used. The most common wood species used for solid strip floors are red oak, white oak. If you wanted to go with a wider plank Floormaster LLC  Can get any type of floor that is milled from exotic species of woods to planks as wide as 14".

 This flooring product as its name implies get sanded and finished in the manufacturing stages then install. It has a few important advantages over the unfinished approach and that, The job length is cut by half or more and there are no fumes.  If you choose a solid pre finished product just keep in mind it does have beveled edges to where I hear from a lot of customers that dirt and food pet hair ect gets stuck in the bevels and that becomes a headache.  On site finished floors are completely smooth with no bevels.

 Engineered wood flooring  Is an all wood product made by pressing multiple layers of wood veneer together With the grains running in different directions. This cross graining gives the floor good stability and allows it to be glued to concrete. Engineered wood flooring is perfect for areas in the home where solid wood flooring might not be suitable , Such as below grade rooms or rooms that have a concrete sub floor. Most engineered flooring is factory finish however FloormasterLLC can get a  Engineered in just about any width you like and unfinished allowing for a custom finish on top.